Friday, June 3, 2011

Something I am Up To this Month - Better Organization

With our studies winding down, portfolios now completed, I am now thinking of finishing up the Spring cleaning and thinking more about organization and streamlining to make my life much easier.

I had posted a while back about our Home Log and now I think it is time to evolve this tool - Here is a link I was reading this morning on how I can take my idea of our Home Log and bring it into a whole "system" ( Household Notebook)  of organization to help me track, sort, and maintain contacts, errands, and other things.

I often need to juggle many different things within the same week or even the same day, as many of us do being mom's and dad's with children.  I often thought that as my boys were much younger that I was really busy then because they were so young and needed me so much, but now I laugh because as I have learned, the older boys can at times keep me even busier than I thought I had been before!  Organization and multi-tasking is a necessity in my world~

*Update~ I started really digging a bit more on the above site and found some examples of binders others had made, it really got me thinking... and inspired! I found this blog ( I subscribed and love it) that shows how to create a cover for my binder. I am not thinking of using this idea for my recipe binders I have created for our home. ( will be sharing about that over on my cooking blog this summer) ~* 
OK, so I suppose I wasn't finished finding great things to share about this here ya go~ 
Craft Blog Part I - creating a pattern to make your binder cover. 
Part II - Cutting and preparing pieces 
Part III - the construction 
Part IV - more construction.. I am just loving this at this point. 

Over on this blog there are many other ideas and things like cloth napkins and coasters etc.. I love it! I think I might be pulling my sewing machine and iron out again and getting down to some sewing! I have tons of fabrics up in my studio that I can put to some good use!

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