Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Notebooking Anyone?

Morning everyone~ Amongst all the chaos going on at our home this week I wanted to share a few links I find really helpful when it comes to notebooking.   We do notebooking much more than worksheets. Its just more fun!

Here is a brief explanation about Notebooking in case you were actually new to this concept and trying to get away from all the dreaded piles of countless worksheets;  Notebooking for us is a way to explain and organize information learners are taught that is creative, innovative and something that they can call their own. We use Notebooking for all subjects, even math when understanding skills and concepts, for grammar when learning about a specific part of speech, for science for our nature study or for an experiment or article or web site we might have explored, for art when learning a specific discipline or media for just about EVERYTHING. Think of Notebooking as a way of reiterating information learned but in a creative way with pictures and cartoons and such. :)

When just starting out using Notebooking;  trying one or two with a particular topic to replace a worksheet works out really well and your learners are given a chance to just kind of see where they want to go with it. One of my boys likes to get really creative while the other is more read and narrate back in writing sort of a notebooker.

We also combine notebooking with lapbooking or folds when we want also. It creates a great portfolio of work when studying a particular topic in history, science, style of writing or grammar ~ :)

Here is a post What is Notebooking by Highland Heritage.

Some Notebook pages to be shared; 

Composer Study Pages - From That Resources Site, a listing of 26 different composers!

* Freebies List from Betsy these are pages in all different kinds of areas.

* Notebooking Pages - this is a site that sort of started me out in learning about Notebooking be sure and sign up and enjoy your journey with tips, tricks and freebies along with great pages to buy and learn from like I did. 

* Notebooking Article from Love to Know - this is a great insightful article to read. Your going to quickly see how Notebooking can be used in a variety of ways even for assessments! ( that's right forget the quiz's try notebooking to evaluate where your learner is) I really believe there is no better way or more natural way to evaluate a child's work, understanding and competence in an area than to have them teach it back/tell it back or write about what they learned. ~ it really works. 

* The Notebooking Fairy, - first I love the name ( I love fairies and all that comes with them) this is a site that really provides lots of freebies, tips and recommendations for Notebooking, "a new to me site" of recent weeks. 

*Homeschool Launch is a real favorite of mine. It shares pages all of us homeschool parents create to help our own children and these ladies are kind enough to share with everyone else their time and talents.

Hope this helps send you on your way out of the doldrums of worksheets and into the world of Notebooking~ !

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