Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Math Reading~

Here is another book I just learned about this morning. "How to Teach Math- Even if You Hate Fractions", by Robin Padron.

I ended up getting this on my Kindle PC and plan on starting this very soon. This book is more about "how to teach" math without all the programs than it is a book about "teaching math".  The heavier we get into our math learning the more I realize that there will be no program that is a perfect fit. All programs have pros and cons and it is up to me ( as facilitator ) and my boys ( as learners) to narrow things down and learn math the way they need to learn.

This is transcending into all our other subjects as well. It really is quite liberating and I can tell you MUCH less expensive. There are so many programs out there and many of them will never meet our needs and work the way they are supposed to for our boys. I am completely convinced. So because of this I really enjoy reading books like Larry Zafran's, ( that I posted earlier about) and this book by Robin.

We have been very successful now in our math learning but it isn't due to a particular program it is much more about a combination of a few programs combined and more importantly how it is practiced and how the material is presented.

* I had already started reading and could find so many more excerpts to highlight for you but here is just a small sampling that might make you get an idea of what this book is more about*

"I know from personal experience that 10 minutes of math time with me and my undivided attention is far more productive for my kids than an hour spent doing exercises on their own.  I firmly believe in the idea of ‘less time, more connection’ as an effective way to teach math." 

Padron, Robin (2011). How to Homeschool Math - Even if you Hate Fractions!! (Kindle Locations 191-193). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

and another~ 
"I vividly remembered two things I hated about learning math from my own school years.  The first one was having to do hundreds of identical problems in a row.  It was boring drudgery!  If I knew it well enough to do the first one or two, why do the others? "

Padron, Robin (2011). How to Homeschool Math - Even if you Hate Fractions!! (Kindle Locations 223-225). Unknown. Kindle Edition.

Hope you have a chance to check this book out~


Annie said...

Hi there. I'm Annie from over at Learn at Every Turn. I just wanted to say that you've had some great posts recently. Somehow, you've managed to discuss several resources that have proved to be valuable leads for me at this moment in time. So, I just want to say thank you and let you know that your blog is genuinely appreciated.

Learners at Home said...

Hi there Annie~ I will be sure to check out "Learn at Every Turn" and I am glad you find my ramblings helpful. :)


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