Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Math Reading ~

Below is a book I am planning on reading over this summer. I started looking over Larry Zafran's site a while back and we have used many of his tutorials. He is very helpful, his lessons are easy to understand, to the point and also he is very accessible.  I was able to contact Larry with a couple of questions and he responded back very promptly with the information I needed.

As I used his site a bit more I started digging a bit and realized his books might be quite helpful. Larry ( a former school teacher) was talking my language as I flipped through his first book entitled " Math Made a Bit Easier - Basic Math". His writing appealed to me because he explained how grade levels in math really don't matter much, what matters is the concepts learned and that a solid foundation is formed for later math.  He also talks about how having pages of problems really doesn't always help - ( less is more philosophy) and that by consistent practice and instruction Math can be successful.

As I started reading I have enjoyed his "matter of fact" approach and also how he quickly explains in the beginning how many books will add "tips" about specific topics and how these are supposed to be notes/suggestions that the current concept might be needed later on~ Larry explains he will just tactfully outline those areas by explaining that the student NEEDS to know this... I like that! ~

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