Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer's Relaxed Learning-

Summer is coming and for us that means we still continue with our learning, but in a more relaxed way. We still learn all areas of study but more freely and interest driven.

Our shelves get a good organizing. We work together on sorting books, placing others in boxes for sale or to give away. ( I have us work together because when I do the boys have a chance to really go through our shelves and see books that they might have forgotten about and so it helps to get more use out of them- I caught them several times flipping through certain books and I would make a note of them since it told me what they might want to explore even further- GREAT way to get ideas, I know sneaky but it works!) We also go through our programs, finish up any writing assignments left in our Writing Organization Folder and give our room a good spring cleaning. Here is another archived post you might like or find helpful for organizing.
I also like to look at links and things to change things up for us that makes learning and practicing more fun and relaxed instead of all the book work we do through out the year. Today, we while taking breaks from our "homeschool cleanout" we needed to get our Math in so we did a quick two pages in our workbooks while also spending some time practicing some skills on the computer. My younger son found a neat (new to him) game for practicing his multiplication facts. - called Sketchworld ( For summer I plan on sharing some goals we have one of which is really nailing down the multiplication facts) He worked this morning laughing and doing pretty well as he progressed along. I love mornings like this because he is having so much fun, yet learning an important skill as he goes further and deeper into his division concepts.

Here is another neat and funny site Torture the Teacher from Mr. Nussbaum's site to practice spelling. Both boys had fun with this one this morning~ Some can be very tricky - what a great fun way to practice those tricky words! 

Each Spring I end up creating a folder on their desktop and adding practice games like these into each folder for each subject. There are many and as I find neat ones and add them I will share them.

One other thing we added for our  relaxed learning is a computer game called Minecraft. It is a first person building game. Similar to legos where you can make virtually anything you would like. A neat game that the boys have been hooked on lately and is perfect timing since we had recently downloaded Blender for my teen. I think it is a great way for the boys to spend their "downtime".

Off to do more organizing~!

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