Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Math E-Books - Some Resources to Share

In an effort to find free, helpful resources for our home learning, I wanted to share these new resources we plan on using as we work into our higher levels of learning.
XP Math has a section of downloadable math reference books that I am adding to my boy's learning assignment blogs.

FreeBookCentre.Net is another site with free math e-articles and books on various math topics/skills.

I found Totally Free Math a real gem! This book is completely free and can be used as a great learning tool for those learning the basics of Algebra. Please read through the site for more information. 

* Note for further reference ( not ebooks) I found this link to be very helpful.

* Online Mathematics texts is yet another resource for areas of Calculus and Algebra

More online resources for help with math~
Algebra Help
Purple Math
Help Algebra
Kahn Academy
Shmoop - pre-algebra

Happy FREE math learning!

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