Saturday, May 14, 2011

FlipSnack - a new reader tool

I just learned about this new, free online tool for taking PDF's and converting them into an online reader format. I have a few PDF's that I wanted to convert into a book format for my dyslexic son and this is a perfect tool to do just that. Its called FlipSnack. A free program to use~ but a premium membership is also available, that removes watermarks and has a few more capabilities.

Below is one I had tried out with a PDF download I had for my son to use as a writing resource.
Your able to customize how you want your book to look (spiral, hard bound, colors etc..) - there is a limit of 500 pages per pdf upload.

A neat tool to try out!


Suji said...

I love how you find all these neat tools. :) Thanks Tracey!

Learners at Home said...

Thank you Suji ~ this one I really liked! lol :D

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