Sunday, April 17, 2011

Writing Checklist for Kinds of Writing-

I just finished a writing checklist  ( added to my freebies section) I will be following for my teen and then a bit later my middle schooler. I thought perhaps some might be interested in using this for their own writing at home.

*I would like to give a shout out to my good friend JenB from Special Needs Homeschooling  for encouraging me to do this*

 We are working through an Essay Course now and after that I plan on running down this list and having him practice different kinds of writing.

For my younger son we are working IEW and their layout follows a similar pathway and is outlined as follows:
types of writing are encompassed in the units.
Unit 3: narrative
Unit 4/6: expository
Unit 7/8: persuasive, compare/contrast, letter, cause/effect, literary
analysis‹most of the essay types including term paper
Unit 9: critique (book report)
So his is just a bit different but as you can see, he is working these types of writing.

Once this is complete I will be using the Elements of Language model list to go over and do any others we have not done yet. I plan on making a check list for this as well, but I thought this would get us started. I was so happy to have learned about this site and where I have very visual, literal learners this is excellent for them.

The list I created is adapted from the Write Source 2000 writing handbook. (those are the pages I refer to on this list) and the tutorials are from the link Great Source iWrite.

Happy Writing!

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Mud-E Aliyah said...

Thanks for the Elements of Language link! Just what I was looking for.

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