Friday, April 29, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up-

Oh my gosh this has been such a busy week for us~ I think with the weather getting warmer it adds to the many more things we have to add to our daily/weekly to-do lists, don't you think?

We had a good week considering we were tired out from Holy Week and the Easter holiday weekend.  It was lots of fun but trying to get back into the swing of things can be really hard to do at times. We managed though.

I never got to the weekly lesson assignments for my younger son but did get to them for my older son, now to just have him remember to cross things off! It's like anything the first few weeks its great and then all of a sudden something happens~ nothing! lol

We worked our block schedule this week sneaking in our homeschool group outings and appointments.  This has been going very well and I am glad I made the switch for both boys.

In science; 
We have been working further on our Cell Unit ( I posted those pages for vocab and different types of cells earlier and you can find those over at Homeschool Launch of in my freebies section) its coming along very nicely my youngest is worried he won't remember all the information, I told him that's why we have the lapbook! He is really enjoying doing it this way. We read over the sections in his Lifepac and then for each section we create something with the information. I am using the folds we handmade and stored in page protectors and in a big binder. I label each page protector so I can just flip through to what we need - works great ( here is the archived post) and I love the flexibility I have of being able to adapt it right to our books we are reading or sections in the Lifepacs.  ( I always found the pre-made lapbooks too confining, lol )

In history;
We are working right along my teen with his book and written narrations ( I also made up some notebook pages for him for the first few pages of the book see my freebies sections for those) but I noticed today that he was not as enthusiastic with the narrations as he has been. I talked with him and we are going to be doing some Lap N Notes and some lapbooking for him also. The same way we work with my younger son. He would like to really give it a try and things it will change things up a bit. He tends to be very creative so I think when I mentioned to my younger son about maybe finding cartoons or funnies written in that time period during the war etc.. it sort of sparked his interest.  So they both will be doing lapbooking for both History and their Science.

I was thinking this would be in place of the written narrations. He will create folds and notes in place of all the narrations.  And for those working a program like the Lifepacs or perhaps a more traditional program you could use pose the questions and answer them using folds for your lapbook.

It got me thinking more and more about lapbooking for older learners. I have not been able to find too much on it~ I did learn about a yahoo group that I had joined but is not really active any longer. Also Lapbook Lessons just started a new group called Advanced Lapbook Learners so I can see what might be on there.

I really think that needs to change~ I hope to be able to work at creating some things for more advanced learners and share with others.  If I find more resources for older children I will be sure to share and post.

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