Saturday, April 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap Up-

We had an incredibly busy week ~ I think this week we had every dentist appointment scheduled, doctors appointments and much more.  The boys enjoyed Nerf Club, a park day with our new homeschooling group that is just starting up, yard work with the weather getting nicer and our snow FINALLY melted away!

In between all of these things studies had to get done since I wanted to get as much done as we could this week due to Holy Week coming up for the next week.

The learning assignment blog is going great for my teen. He really enjoys going and seeing exactly what is needed and refers to this throughout his whole day of studies and activities. He also never was really big on checklists so going in and crossing out his assignments is much more his "style" - although I noticed I needed to remind him to go in and cross out work he does now and then~ :)

I love the fact that I now am writing out our lesson plans for the week- I typically have found that Sunday is usually the best day for me to do this, although I have been trying to get a running start on it during the week especially if we are working on something and I come upon a site or have an idea, I will go ahead and jot it down so I don't forget. Really helps me to remember what resources we have in a particular area so I am very thankful for that.

My youngest isn't as "big" on the blog, I think he is comfortable with his checklist ( he really loves these) and is happy just having mum lead the way for right now. But I do try and encourage him to pull up his assignment blog especially if I have a note in my lesson plans that there is a link or video to use.  I think it time as he gets older he will learn to appreciate these and his independence much more.

Math ~ is going well for my younger son, he and I chose a workbook program that fit him so exactly.  I am so pleased we both agreed to use this program (Abeka Math) I like the way it runs and how it repeats the new skills/concepts that was taught previously. I also like it much better than Horizons because there is less problems on the page, yet there is ample practice because we only highlight certain problems to work on and if there is more work needed he can go back the next day and work on the ones that were not chosen. Also Abeka (for certain concepts) provides supplement practice in the back of the book also. What more could I ask for ~ we still refer to MOTL's teaching books when we need to, but due to his interest in doing much more math daily we have set aside our five a days for now. Perhaps at another time these will come back when math problems become much more intense if we need it. I plan on staying with this math just because he has been so successful using it.

History~ we had gotten in the mail those new Amercian History books I posted about that were a surprise for my youngest and he loved them! He is anxious to start reading these and we started our American Revolution Lapbook as well.  I noticed my teen looking things over too ~ ahem, I think perhaps the teen may want to do a bit of lapbooking as well~ "sure why not" was the answer. I think he likes the creativity it brings into the study.

Grammar~ we have been working Analytical Grammar and had a few bumps along the way but we ironed things out and I have noticed real improvement in his understanding in working with the parts of speech. I am so impressed with this program and how comprehensive it is I am considering getting AG Junior for my younger son~ I know he will love it because my younger son really "loves" grammar ~ he enjoys it so much I really can't explain why it can be a bit perplexing when he goes over and helps his older brother on certain things but I'll take it! :)

I have seen a real jump in my younger son's progress in the area of Language Arts so I am very happy with his program he is using right now, I hate to add another program on him so I need to re-think how I will work AG Junior with his LLATL since I really don't want to be too redundant.. I am thinking of picking and choosing certain things throughout the LLATL program but what happens when I do this is my son usually wants to do them anyway... so we shall just see.

It really was a great week considering how busy we were. The Block Schedule change for my teen is going very nicely and he is able to apply much more effort into his history/civics and science learning on those days without having to jump from subject to subject. He learns much better like this and I think he will be a great candidate for Unit Studies once I get these lined up.

I also learning something new this week - my younger son has no interest in working Unit Studies. He basically told me so, yup. He said he enjoys moving through his morning from one thing to the next and likes the "change" that happens. He is very happy with things as they are so unless ( which USUALLY happens, wink) he decided to come pop over when we are working a unit study his lessons will remain as they are.

I am adding my younger son's weekly checklist to my Homeschool Launch page so if others care to check it out and tweak it to their needs they can since I left it in document format.  I also am adding my lesson plan templates I made. I never really found much use or functionality in the teacher lesson books because of the way we do homeschooling so I made up my own pages to meet my own needs. These also are going to be uploaded there and left in document format instead of PDF so you can tweak them to how you like. :)

Thats our weekly wrap up for this week ~ until next time!

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