Sunday, April 3, 2011

Thinking about ART -

You know the saying about the contractor whose home is falling to pieces yet he/she does beautiful work building and fixing other peoples homes. For me it isn't much different ~ and I have to chuckle, even though I am a freelance artist and have an at-home studio my boys art appreciation and art exposure have been lacking. 

Perhaps it might be my long nights they remember with mum having paint on her hands at breakfast and the old studio shirts spattered with all different colors and the work that paintings can involve, who knows- but I do want to help the boys tap into their artistic side much deeper and so instead of using lesson plans I have for my own students I decided to take a back seat and search for someone else to teach my boys.

I am still in the gathering of information stage and plan to email and/or contact some of these resources I am finding but thought I might share them with my readers. 

In searching I found this one site called Free Online Art Classes by Lois DeWitt. Here is a video she offers:

                            " Information Rich Art Instruction"

I have much more reading through her site to do but really like what I see. I think the boys and I can have lots of fun with these courses. You can check out here classes and then email her and ask her for the classes. I also plan on checking out her other resources she mentions about Homeschooling as well.

I am also planning to find out more about "Art with a Purpose" books and see if these also might be fun to do. 

I also stumbled upon the Gluck Method site and was looking at these dvd's and liked these also very much. I think the boys will like them to. 

Here are some more resources:
Incredible Middle School Lessons
Art Graphics. Net - free online art tutorials in different mediums
Kinderart - a large selection of art/craft projects ( check out "lessons" )
National Gallery of Art/NG Kids Homepage - interactive art you can make online, I think my teen will really like this one!
Ten Free Online Art Lessons - painting landscapes 

Art Blogs: 
Art Projects for Kids - K - 5
Sketch Tuesday - popular many homeschoolers take advantage of this blog, I have yet to attempt it. But I think we are now going to hop on and get going with it.
Art Lessons For Kids
TeachKidsArt - this is another I really liked.
Creating Art with Kids

There are so many more it is impossible to list them all but a quick google search brought me to many, many areas for teaching and learning about art.  If you wish you can see more of a list that I added to here at my art diigo page. I do plan on adding more as I find ones I find suitable.

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