Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A Summer Project- organizing my bookmarks

I was recently looking in my OneNote at some of my pages and wanted to add a divider for lesson planning. Our lessons are going so much smoother having things planned out a bit more, especially in the area of science and history because we use so many resources for our topics.

With the lesson planning I can make better use of my saved resources, books, maps, and online bookmarks.

I was in my Diigo this evening and realized WOW I have so much information in here. I really need to go through and organize these much better. Sure I have folders but I also have tags and I think I became very lazy in organizing these gems I find on the internet. So I am taking this summer or late spring to try and spend a bit of time re-organizing things.

I think one of my problems is I zoom around and find things and just stick them in different places "I think" ( yah right) that I will remember. hmmm sometimes I DON'T remember hmmm~

So I decided to back up a bit and make sure I learn better about what Diigo has to offer me so I am making better use of this great online bookmarking tool~
here are some links to help me;
a blog post from Free Technology for Teachers on Diigo (videos and resources to help me review Diigo a bit better- for things I may have missed in the beginning)
using Diigo in the Classroom- a blog post, (even thought I don't have a classroom I thought there might be some information I can gain for the boys learning assignment blogs or something similar)
Let Diigo Turn the Net into Your Notebook- an article (again, just hoping to glean some more insight, the title caught my eye and made me think further about Diigo and my own business)
EduDiigo- Dig Deeper with EduDiigo- this sounded too techy  and impressive to pass up on reading
Diigo Help Guide - last but not least the help guide

Wish me luck! I have my work cut out ahead of me, but in the end I think it will be worth it! (I'll keep you posted) :)

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