Friday, April 22, 2011

Our Science Learning~ some thoughts and shifting

We have been doing pretty well with our science but I really would like to add more zest to our science. I have been looking at how we have been working further in our history and see that that even though it is helpful to use a program as your guide, it still can zap some of the enthusiasm out of the whole learning and exploration process when it comes to science.* updated*

Originally when choosing our science program ( this was a group effort with the boys in looking at program's topics and the sequence and depth of the program) I knew at the time ( due to health issues) I needed to have something that could be our spine and something I could turn to if on the days/weeks I was unable to do lesson plans or research things for them I could "rely" on their program more heavily.

( my health issues are still a factor but )I have had a change of heart a bit. I have seen how well the boys have now grown into their own learning styles and how important it is for them to not have every little thing laid out for them, but to be able to take a topic and be able to "find out", "observe", "explore" and then "learn" about their science topics. I hope to do much more less "leading" and more "facilitating" at this point.

I have found in talking with so many people how many times children have their hands held during this process so that they never really "learn" or have the knowledge of how to "find out" about something or how to learn "how to" do a particular something.

In order to alleviate that a bit we are shifting things so that I will be following more a basic "science scope" and then adding in our program more as a supplement than our spine.

I think the boys will find this more appealing since they really enjoy science and I think using the same method we are using with our history will be just for them.

I have been reading more and more about getting away from textbooks and have realized I need to be sure to continue to take this path for our home learning. I think we only have "technically two textbooks" (excluding math) on our books shelves but its often seems like because so many use these things for higher grades that I was starting to re-think my own choices in our learning.

Not any longer. I am going to continue to compile some great resources for a more "living science approach" and  I ordered  for my own use,  the book from Kathryn Stout " Science Scope". 

I have many of her other books and find them very helpful, why I didn't have her science I really can't say, but I will now~ :) 

I still have lots and lots of great experiments and resources we will be working with our Lifepac science. Shifting things will not wreak too much havoc in their science learning except to perhaps add more flexibility in their science learning and exploration.

I'll keep you posted on how things are going in our weekly wrap ups~
*here is a blog post about science from an LAH reader and blogger from Cabin in the Woods, I thought this was a great post - I love comparing notes! 


GinaG said...

I found that Science Scope to be very helpful when I first started homeschooling. It's collecting dust now but it was a real life saver for a few years.

Diane said...

I just did a post very similar to yours about science for middle and high school. I have found in the last four months of our hands on science units, etc. that my daughter is learning way more. We have been studying gardening, life cycles and ecosystems. I am really leaning toward alternative type sciences, especially for high school and not going the traditional route. Thanks so much for the heads up on Science Scope. Hoping to find a used one at the convention in a couple of weeks.

Learners at Home said...

Diane, would love to hear more about what your doing for hands on and would love to see your blog post~ care to share the link? :)

Learners at Home said...

I might have found it Diane is it this post?


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