Thursday, April 28, 2011

A "new to us" Book Series and Author- Lee Roddy

I am adding a few more things to my order list for our new year~ and am finding some gems -

Our youngest has always enjoyed a more traditional way of learning. I have found he enjoys very much the older book series like Box Car Children and many others~ I think that is why he enjoys Yesterdays Classics so much.  I have tried many times to encourage him to try the Magic Tree House Series or maybe Flat Stanley and others but he doesn't want any part of them ~

Lee Roddy is  a "new to us" author and I plan to pick up a book or two of his to show my younger son.

I think he will be very interested since it seems like it fits his style and personality and interest level as a 12 year old boy.  Here is a link to Lee Roddy's books.
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Initially I heard about Lee Roddy from the IEW email loop list.  It was a suggestion given for a book he had written entitled "How to Write a Story" and also the other "A Guide to Writing Your Novel".

My list is getting longer - how is yours going or should I say growing?

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