Sunday, April 17, 2011

A great time saving history resource-

Why should we have to re-invent the wheel? Sometimes we need to create things for our home learning and yet at other times we find such great things others have created ~ that we are then able to enjoy what someone else has created and save ourselves so work! this is one of those sites~

I remembered this really great site I have not looked at for some time and wanted to share it with my readers- Highland Heritage Forms.

What a really terrific site. With LOTS here for you to look through for all kinds of ages.

There is also a yahoo group to join and be able to share more pages etc..

One favorite section- history and wanted to share this part of the site that I had overlooked previously. I found so many things here I can use its just great! You can click on Creation to the Fall of Rome  and then Fall of Rome to the US Constitution. These have been adapted from the "Tapestry of Grace" curriculum, which we do not use, however many of these pages can be adapted to other kinds of programs.  Be sure and check it out if you have a chance!

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