Thursday, March 10, 2011

What We Have Been Up To Lately: Part III

I have been posting previously about what we have been doing and what we are planning on using in our upcoming new year.  Here is what I have planned for History and Science: 

(American History)
Older Son: He will be continuing on with finishing and working through his AOP Lifepacs. He really seems to like these and I also supplement the units within the Lifepacs with Living Books as well.  I have really had a tough time finding anything decent for American History so we both opted to use these. 

Younger Son: He also is working through and finishing up his own AOP Lifepacs and again, these are going well along with supplementing with living books and also lapbooking projects as well.  We also use some Time Travelers CD's projects with this as well. 

(World History)
Older Son: He will be reading Susan Wise Bauer's Book " The History Of The Ancient World" Volumes I and II. He loves this kind of reading and I think using these along with lapbooking will really be enjoyable for him. 

Younger Son: I am planning on having him read through the Story of the World  volumes on his own and do lapbooking and maybe some activities as well.

Both Boys: I am really excited about this new program I just learned about that I plan on working through with both the boys together. ~ I had learned about it from Kris's blog Science of Relations. I had been checking out what her own planning looked like and had been looking and looking for something that would be a fit for us~ and I really think I may have found it! Its called Connecting with History and for us being Catholic it is perfect. I remember I had always liked how Mystery of History read and how it was set up for multi- level teaching but I never felt it was quite a fit for us. 

I am so grateful to Kris for posting this information for others to read and learn about. 
I plan on working with the boys together on this and I really think this will be very worthwhile for them as it is rooted in our values and beliefs~

I realize for some this seems like an awful lot of ground to cover but I really don't expect us to finish all of this in one years time.  My boys enjoy history SO much I really like to follow their lead and enjoy what they wish to learn and Connecting With History helps us to do it together as well, which is always nice.

Older son: he will continue working and finishing up his AOP Lifepac's and then I plan on having him use many more books for learning science. We had planned this year on using the Paul Fleisher book series Secrets of the Universe and I also plan on working through a unit on Chemistry ( Elements and Carbon Chemistry) as well.  Even though he is a teen he still at times enjoys using folds and lapbooks at times to compile all his information ~ 

Younger son: he also will continue on with his AOP Lifepacs he really is enjoying the units and experiments so far and I like how it is all laid out for us. I can also supplement with lapbooking folds, units, or projects if we wish too~ There are a few books I had picked up for him as well for his science and I plan on using those as well for this coming new year: 
Janice Van Cleave Books~ 

Fizz, Bubble and Flash~  Homeschool Share has a lapbook to go with this book we might do as well.

Gizmos and Gadgets~ 

Eyewitness Books~ 

 Usborne Science ~ 

Some of these books are books I had picked up last year but we had decided on working more exclusively on science lapbook units this past season so now we are ready to use these ~  

Another resource I plan to tap into more this year/Spring is Handbook of Nature Book and Handbook of Nature Study blog~ My youngest loves nature and I hope to dive deeper into this strength of his. We had tried hard this past year to work on our nature study with walks and such but my own healing from surgery and chronic illness had to take precedent, we are hoping for a much better year this year. :)  I hope to post often about our learning in this area as well. 

I think there will be alot of fun and exploration packed into our new years plans. As always we look forward to our new things we will be trying and I plan on trying to post weekly or bi-monthly re-caps on what we have done and things we find fun to work on. ~ 
I know as always there WILL be tweaking and prayer about our choices we will be making, but hey, that's what homeschooling is all about! 

Happy Planning!


Peggy said...

Good Morning,
I always love your blog posts. we are struggling with fractionshere.14dd is having a tough time figuring out how to convert. i got out the MUS and we are working from the fraction starting point on. We use TT ,but just started this year at grade 6 with them. Anyway to get to my question. I really think the mini office is a cool idea and have seen them from you previously.Where do I find the print offs? Are they in one location ? I think they will be a life saver for ds.

Learners at Home said...

Peggy, Thank you ~ :) I sort of hesitated to share the mini-offices because all of the links/files were lost when my laptop crashed. BUT I can go back and will post the ones I have gotten for the mini offices. It just might take a bit of some time.
I will get started on this over the next few days :)and post them when they are ready.



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