Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Science Notebook

My teen has been working very successfully with his math notebook and is finally starting to see how this tool can really help him retain and learn new concepts.

We decided to go ahead and create this same tool for his science learning as well. With science becoming more in depth, and also more of a sort of incremental learning like math, we created our science notebook this morning.

This notebook will be used just like our Math Notebook is used. For all new concepts learned, only in the area of science and (of course) some mathematics. 
Today we worked on learning more about scientific notation so we created notes on learning how do use and work with this new concept.

This is a great way to teach them also how to write notes in their own style.  To help them understand that this information they are writing is for them to understand and refer to. 
I hope to be able to encourage him to use color and pictures as he goes along ~ he decided also that when something is to be added to a note page on something he already learned (but wants to add just a bit more to it) he will use a "bubble" and write in the bubble something he wants to remember or a new "idea". I really thought the idea (no pun intended) was a good one and shows just one more way he is finding ways to retain and learn in his own special way~ it will only help as he moves along into the higher grades. Just imagine if we all had a chance to try things out to see what might help us to remember or learn something that might be difficult? 

If your interested in trying your hand at using a science notebook like we are~ you can see the photos I posted above,and the links for the breakdown I used for the science in the links below. 

Here is an outline from Wikipedia you can use and here is one from Donna Young that I found helpful. These two both helped me quite a bit in laying out the sections for the notebook. I think I saw quickly is that by using the post it sticky dividers (from Walmart 2.97 per pkg) I could peel them off and make more room if I needed for a particular section.  I also may need to create a binder later on if we are needing much more room especially in the area of the social sciences ( which my son enjoys the very most).  Because the five subject, spiral bound notebook is three hole punched I can easily add these pages to a binder later on for him.

I can keep you posted on how things go with this and show more examples and ideas as we move forward. We are still finishing creating our science and math folds so these also can be added to the notebook also by attaching them to the pages.

Happy Science Notebooking ~

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