Friday, March 25, 2011

A New Resource- Thought Boxes

I heard about this new online organizational tool and thought it was unique enough, that I might share it with my readers.

It is called Thoughtboxes and from looking at it my first thought was it would be a great list creating tool or Graphic Organizer. Then having thought further I realized this might be a great tool for school projects for students and writing assignments,  research papers etc.. 

I am sure others may think of yet more things they could use this for which is why I am sharing~ enjoy!


Suji said...

Thanks so much for posting about this resource Tracey! It's a perfect way for me to think about organizing small discussion groups with kiddo's friends and their moms.

Learners at Home said...

your very welcome! I actually started two homeschool groups also and I am struggling to stay organized about now so I needed something like this. I love how you can add "notes" and also "to do's". :)


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