Friday, March 11, 2011

Foldables for Learning - When Writing is a Problem

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Today we worked a large amount of our time in History. Fridays are our big History block and we had been working in our AOP Lifepac on the American Revolution.   While reading we started drawing a Venn diagram as to the differences/similarities between Britain and America.  We took a few more notes and I quickly saw how our youngest on some days still really struggles with writing. He has graphomotor troubles and I could see how have seen how this kind of struggle can really get in the way of the "real learning" that should take place with history and learning about our past.

I decided this Monday we will be having a "Foldables Day" ( I made that up).  It is a day where we will only work our core studies ( disciplinary studies; math, reading, writing) and then spend the afternoon folding, cutting, stapling and pasting foldables.

Since these will be all completed we can then go ahead and store these in ziplock, labeled bags and pull them out whenever we want.  ( I plan to take share some pictures of these when we are done and as we use them).

This will relieve my youngest from all the writing struggles and help him enjoy history and allow him to write and learn about history in little chunks and at the end he will have a wonderful finished project on a particular time period.

Here are some links I have to share if others may be interested in foldables as well:

Review Activities Using Foldables from US History Standards of Learning - this site show pics to give me ideas and some links on what I might want to do.
World History Foldables Booklet 

History Tech~ a blog about history foldables, some tips and a couple links to get you started out.

Lapbooking - a squidoo lens by Jimmie showing how to make certain mini books and folds to try out.

Homeschool Share List of Templates to use

Fabulous Foldables- a blog listing resources for foldables.

Mini books~ another lens on Squidoo from Jimmie

Happy Lapbooking~ !


Anonymous said...

I just realized that I joined the Lapbooking7up Yahoo Group a long time ago. It specializes in lapbooking for 7th grade and up!

Learners at Home said...

your right Cindy it does! :)

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