Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Building our Folds Binder- Not Fancy but Functional-

We have continued working through our folds binder. Adding more and more each day trying to make as many as we can so that when the time comes and we need to use something it is right there and handy for us to use.
Using folds this way (creating your own) makes lapbooking and notebooking very adaptable to what ever you are working on. Your not boxed into a particular thing.
Having these folds finished, ready and waiting is half the battle when it comes to using them for your home learning.

We keep these folds in pocket/page protectors and as you can see from the photo I label them in the upper right hand corner what they are so we can flip through them as we need to.

These are kept in a binder for easy storage and handling.

One idea I had recently is to invite some homeschoolers/parents come over to have a "fold party" we can sit and chat and create our folds while enjoying eachothers company!

Happy Folding!


desertramblings said...

Doing them this way is great! Except that my boys don't want to have to draw pictures on them, or search for how to decorate them on their own! LOL! Oh, well, maybe after some more experience, they will.

Did you use 24 lb. color paper, or color cardstock?

Learners at Home said...

Sure maybe in time~ but you don't even have to draw things you can just make titles etc..or cut out pages from a book - make it your own in your own way~ :) And for cardstock I do use some ( just the cheap kind from Walmart) and I love recycling so I use all old pages from things I use paper from dollar stores and our discounts stores I buy in reams. All kinds of things, newsprint etc.. you name it I can use it. - Makes it more fun! :)



desertramblings said...

At this point, they don't care enough to do any self-initiated decorations. It's just something they have to do and check off their list so they can be "done". :) I would love to see them just print stuff from the Internet, since they know how to search for images using Bing, then cut and paste them on the foldable. But they don't want to take the time to do that at this point.

So the colored paper from dollar and discount stores - it's not necessarily cardstock? Itcould just be regular paper?I love the purple! :)

Learners at Home said...

The purple is just regular colored paper from a ream I purchased at Walmart. I also bought cardstock also but I like paper better because its more flexible for the folds.


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