Monday, February 7, 2011

What's Coming Up? Plans and Ideas for 2011~

The holidays are over with and we have been working in between snow storms, sickness and winter doldrums. With the New Year ahead of us I decided to outline some new ideas for articles I have planned;    

* More Free Resources found
* Fun practice for rote learning- file folder games to create  
*Organizing our Science Equipment
*Adding Weekly Wrap-Ups  on what we are working on
* Language Arts, breaking it all down ~ thoughts on learning spelling, dictation/copywork and more ~ how we have worked with LLATL
* Our new Reading/Spelling Notebook (with notebook pages created and shared for your own Notebook) 
* Lapbooking ~ how we lapbook and some new units /folds I am creating
* Notebooking- how to keep track/store all those pages and some new ones I have created and what about creating some of your own? 
* Math dilemma - following a program vs. working at our own pace, the options and opportunities when a programs never seem to be a real fit.
* Homeschool Freecycle~ a new facebook group and its benefits for us who home school 

These are just a few  things I hope to be able to share and write about over the next few months. I am sure there will be many more also as we go into the New Year so "stay tuned" ~

If you like sharing resources you should check out LAH on Facebook~ it's there that I tend to share random links/resources I come across or things that we are thinking about ~ its a great place to correspond and share.

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