Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Website to Share-

I was searching for information this morning as I plan to re-vamp our math learning and also tweak some things/issues we are having with spelling which I will write about on another post since I am still gathering information and planning. 
But while doing this I came across this site and  just had to share ~ I had not visited the Don Potter site in quite a while and was surprised when I saw how things had changed. I am way behind this afternoon on my planning since its the kind of site you can sort of get swallowed up by~ (in a good way though) not that is is overwhelming it is just that one resource leads to looking and reading another and then another and before you know it I look at the clock and I have been there for over an hour! Yup, its one of those sites. 
I was happy to have found some great readers here and possibly some for our dictation. I also had been looking for supplemental learning materials and found just what I needed here. Be sure to check this site out when you have a chance. Don Potter.net

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