Monday, January 24, 2011

Learning Sentence Diagramming

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We started a few months back with a new idea toward learning and practicing the parts of speech, sentence diagramming.

My teen is very visual and so when looking toward sentence diagramming I could "see" how this might help him make sense and understand the parts of a sentence, and give the learning a sort of purpose. It most certainly did just that and also made learning the parts of speech much more fun. My teen describes learning the Parts of Speech this way as a kind of puzzle that your taking apart rather than putting together.

We began working the new program called Grammar Revolution (which some of my readers may recall I had posted about previously) and have worked throughout the program.  Now we are on our way to practicing sentence diagramming.

I thought I might share some resources I have accumulated along our way~

Diagramming Sentences from the Guide to Grammar
Free Diagramming Sentences Worksheet

These link resources I plan on using for a combination of extra practice and further learning~ I also plan on using our old Winston Grammar workbooks for practice for sentence diagramming as well. I would guess that any parts of speech/grammar workbook could work very nicely when practicing sentences diagramming. These are what I have on my shelf so we will use these.

In thinking further about this, you could also use lapbooking as a kind of practice for sentence diagramming as well, creating folds that would divide the words and flaps that would show what part of speech your working with. I think this would be neat for younger learners who like to learn sentence diagramming or for children who tend to be very hands on and visual. I may try this with my younger learner as time goes on and will share what we create when the time comes.

Happy Diagramming!


Cindy said...

I am so thankful you posted this!

Lynda said...

Thank you so much for the links. I was beginning to think sentence diagramming was a lost art. This is how I learned grammar, and really need it for my son. Thank you!

Have a great day. =)

Laura O in AK said...

Seeing your comment about lapbooking has me thinking about doing this for my hands on learners. We're using Anayltical Grammar for my 8th grader and Jr. Anayltical Grammar for my 5th grader this year. My older son was doing good through the first few lessons, but is now resisting the diagrams. If I do it with him, then he's usually fine. But, ask him to work on his own and it just doesn't get done.

Learners at Home said...

I am glad you ladies found this helpful~ I was not sure I was going to post this info but decided to anyway and I am glad I did. I will continue to post more about things we are doing, I often think sometimes some of my info may not be helpful, but I should probably just post it anyway! lol

Laura, with your hands on learner the lapbooking or making a mini-office to use for reference might really be a great idea. I had a few thoughts on this I might share~ In our home when we are learning or practicing I often have to remind the boys to use references... sometimes we think that when we learn something new we should not be looking at something... but I discourage this.. when they are learning it isn't a test, it is learning and I let them use their references so that the information is able to sink in THEN later on when it becomes a bit "easy" try it without it.. and you will see great success, sounds like my son when he was first starting out.. they are unsure.. so use lapbooks and those mini-offices to refer to while he is working on his own! :) it brings up great confidence in their abilities...:D


Elizabeth said...

Hello there! I saw this post because I love sentence diagramming, and I have a website devoted to teaching grammar though sentence diagramming.

I just thought I'd share the link in case you were interested.

You'll find loads of free information for you and your children.

:) Enjoy!


Learners at Home said...

Hello Elizabeth! (waving) Chris loves your program ~ and thank you for re-sending us the booster sentence diagramming book, I still can't believe I didn't know where that was, great service and I always know I can count on you to help us with our grammar :)



Elizabeth said...

Oh my goodness, Tracey!

I'm embarrassed that I didn't know this was your blog!!! I thought it was funny that THIS Tracey spelled her name the same as the Tracey that I know. It turns out you're the same person.

he he he

:) Elizabeth

Learners at Home said...

Elizabeth~ OH Don't BE! lol you work with lots and lots of people daily I am sure~ its hard to keep track of everything~ :)
I just couldn't resist giving you a wave, lol :P


Elizabeth said...

Thanks, Tracey. You are so sweet. :)

Mary said...

Thanks for all the fabulous links. I have bookmarked them all for our future use.

M.E. said...

I almost bought the Analytical Grammar from you last year. I got bored silly with Easy Grammar and have really slacked off. I am thinking of FIX-IT with IEW. My ? is, where do I start when introducing sentence diagramming? What is a good resource to teach the concept to 7th and 9th graders?

Learners at Home said...

Fix it is a quick way for practicing editing and reinforcing IEW concepts learned. Now that I have started using IEW's Fix it officially I would not recommend it if your new to IEW but wait a bit so you understand things a bit more like the Sentence Openers. As far as where to start when learning sentence diagramming ( if you choose to use this) I would say that for us, Elizabeth's Grammar Revolution really worked well with my son because it is a series of videos to show you how - it helped him reinforce the parts of speech. I have learned that teaching diagramming is not a necessity, it no longer is required on SAT's and many find it a waste of time and for some children, like our youngest I wouldn't bother with it. But for my older teen diagramming and creating that picture helped him quite a bit to be able to recall the grammar more. hope this helps you a bit more~ I have found most recently, the best thing that reinforces grammar for our boys is writing and editing. Using it and recalling what is what in a sentence has helped us the most :)


Anonymous said...

Provides online practice too. We are doing jr. analytical grammar and my 10 year old is way past my freshman (high schooler) in English. It is crazy!

HomeedREVOLTZ said...

Your That Resource Site link said expired. I did find some diagramming worksheets by searching on there. Thanks.

Learners at Home said...

Thank you for letting me know! Its hard to keep up with dead links and this really helps, I went through them and updated them today. Thanks again so much!
All the best,

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