Friday, December 3, 2010

Physics !

My teen started a new book this morning." The Physics of Super Heroes, second edition by James Kakalios."  I thought this would be a great introduction to a subject he is going to be working on in greater depth.

Author James Kaklios is a professor in the school of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Minnesota.  He has also written another book entitled " The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics" that you can read more about from the link provided.
While reading the first chapter he had a few questions and had done some oral narrating with me - we looked up F=MA because he had not learned yet about Newton's three laws of motion.  We found this neat site:  Motorsport Mathematics

Some other sites you might be interested in that I will be exploring further regarding physics:
Physics World
Newton's Three Laws of Motion

As we move further into the book, I will be sharing more resources and ideas for what we will be doing~

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