Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Learning Ideas~

I was checking through my emails this evening and almost missed out on the free Currclick giveaways and found this really great unit study Christmas Around the World Unit Study that I actually had considered doing about a year back and forgot about. It is from the Homeschool Learning Network. It is FREE until 10PM Tuesday evening so be sure and check it out!

 I think I will have much more extra time this month to sit and do some fun activities with my youngest so I started looking for a bit more. We are running way ahead of schedule this year and so we will not be as rushed as we usually are for our Christmas Activities.

In keeping with the same theme " Christmas Around the World" I found a great comprehensive unit study from Homeschool Share. One of the things I liked about this particular unit is its geography and also its recipes. I think it might be really fun.

A Christmas Read Aloud

This year for December I thought it might be fun to read a Christmas fiction book called "The Great Christmas Kidnapping Caper", by Jean Van Leeuwen. 

It's a story about a mouse named Marvin who is in Macy's Department Store with all his mice buddies and find that Santa has gone missing! - my youngest still continues to love stories about mice and hamsters. So I thought this would be fitting for him. 

Here are a list of books by Jean Van Leeuwen.

  I just saw in the list another mouse story we may want to read "The Great Cheese Conspiracy", this could have possibilities!

It appears there are a few books she has written about mouses that we will be sure to check out~

Happy Reading!

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