Friday, November 19, 2010

A Thanksgiving Unit from History Classroom

As the boys grow older we do less activities and units for Thanksgiving.  Gone are the days of the Turkey pinecone center pieces, Thanksgiving placemats and turkey hand prints.
This year we are planning on watching this special on the History Channel and possibly working with the teachers guide and using their questions for discussions as written and oral narrations.
Another area we may actually explore and discuss is the  relationships between the Pilgrims and the Natives.

Math Struggles~ Sharing some thoughts on our Math and Home Learning

I often post about things we find helpful in our home learning but I want to start sharing more about  some areas we might struggle in and how I go about helping the boys work through these trouble spots.

We hit a wall with our math learning this morning, well actually I would say it was really this whole week. We have been using Teaching Textbooks 7 and my son was re-starting fractions (which he has done before so some was review) with unlike denominators.  He had a really difficult time understanding because TT actually had taught adding/subtracting uncommon denominators "before" actually teaching (which was a lesson or two after this lesson) common multiples and least common multiples. So things started to get confusing.
He also had trouble with how they were explain ratios he got some of it but not all. 

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