Sunday, November 7, 2010

Finding that Book with Story Snoops~

I am really so excited about finding out about this site. I subscribe to the TeacherFirst Newsletter and read it faithfully each week and just love all the wonderful resources they have to offer teachers.
Another real gem they posted this week is called Story Snoop. 
Created by mom's, its a great site to look up particular books in specific genres and read more and learn more about the book.
I think all of us at one time or another are stumped with finding books for our kiddos at different levels and ages this kind of site takes the work out of all of that and I think that is why I am so excited about it. It really gives you a chance to read and learn more about a book your considering and also offers (depending on your search) many more alternatives for books also. Be sure and add this to your bookmarks, its a keeper!

Happy Searching!

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