Friday, November 5, 2010

Unplanned Lessons Can be the Most Rewarding and Comprehensive-

We were sitting down yesterday evening and channel surfing, looking for something on television to watch.  We saw a program on PBS that sort of grabbed my son's attention so decided to start watching.  It was entitled " The Spirit of Sacajawea".  

I have to say this was a beautifully narrated program to watch to learn a bit more or realize how little we know about Sacajawea's life after her expedition with Lewis and Clark.  I really need to remind myself of this wonderful way to bring even further depth into our history learning. My boys love watching videos of history.

We found ourselves completely involved with the program and its narrators.  I just loved it and more importantly so did my son. We have not yet started learning about Lewis and Clark but watching this really ignited a great interest and I think he will really enjoy this part of history.

We then watch some of the next program from Ken Burns (a favorite filmmaker and producer of my husband) entitled "Lewis and Clark Expedition".

I realized how little I check on our listings for PBS and decided to add PBS' daily programming schedule to my "Morning Coffee" Firefox Add-On so I can remind myself and glance at this daily.

I also want to explore further the PBS teacher resources they have on  PBS Teachers.
Happy Living History Learning~

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