Sunday, October 17, 2010

Working and Homeschooling a new Facebook Group

Working and homeschooling is definitely not an "easy" task to undertake. But I feel as though I am now ready to head back to my own work since we now ( in our fourth year) have found a balance in our home learning.

I decided the best way to help me and many of my friends who also plan to go back or already do work outside/or in the home, while still homeschooling would be to open up a facebook group for us to share and support eachother.

It just opened today.  We will be planning to share our daily lives, easy recipes, home organizing tips, money savers, time savers, behavior issues while working, schedules, always including curriculum tweaks and just about everything else that comes our way ! :)

If interested you can find the new facebook group ( new version~ if not familiar check out the new versions for facebook groups here.  Allows for email notification and a group chat if we ever plan to have a coffee clutch and need a timeout one evening ) here at Working and Homeschooling. 

 Note: * We also now have an email group for all our recipes, notes and such~ it is only by invitation and not listed in the yahoo directory you can subscribe by clicking: Homeschooling and Working.

If you work or are planning on working, hope to see you there~ !

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