Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Great Day, and Something Funny to Share-

We had a great day today~ I have to say this week has been packed with doctor appointments and meetings for some reason it seems we have had something each day! Before, when we first started homeschooling those days would seem to drain us and we had a hard time coming home and getting back into the groove with our studies. So on those days we sometimes would just take the day off, since I didn't think we would get much accomplished.

It doesn't seem to be like that any longer. I have found that in my keeping with the momentum at home we still get just as much accomplished for the most part ( give or take one subject or two depending).
We had many appointments in the mornings this week so we would not get home till around lunch time or after but I saw that if I pulled things together and let them head outside after lunch or so to blow off some steam, I was able to get them back, to get going on some studies. With very few moans~ maybe a few from my teen but don't all teens moan now and then? LOL  Our youngest dashed right into action ~

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