Friday, September 3, 2010

Adding some "Spice" to our History at Home~

We have had a busy morning. First spelling, then phonics and our language program~ while my youngest was working on his spelling and phonics ( trying to increase independent learning here just a tad bit more, grin) I ended up pulling out our Time Travelers CD's on the American Revolution. WOW, this is going to be a great unit to study.
American Revolution Unit study Link

My son heard our printing running and running ( lots of printing with these but great stuff) and decided to come on over and check things out. We had SO MUCH FUN, deciding on which papers we wanted to print out on what.. there is a newspaper you create in this one so my son wanted to print it out on our 81/2 by 11 newsprint I had picked up and we did and he loved it.. then we picked and chose other things for different projects making the pages look old etc.. he was also excited to get started on this unit.
I had never realized by getting him involved in the preparation would get him all ramped up for learning a topic. IT certainly did ~ he cannot wait. I think being a part of the whole process really helps them. I plan to do this much more and even though I usually ask him certain questions about programs etc.. I never realized getting them actually involved in the planning and creating process really works wonders!

I added this unit study program to my new history page because we like the program so much. It goes wonderfully with any American History program your working on as well. We still are working our Oak Meadow a bit ( btw, update we will be making our pinch pot Monday~ lol from Lesson 9 ) and following along with both really compliments eachother. I feel I should mention however, that is CAN be a stand alone program, with instructions, and book recommendations for further reading etc, its certainly an all in one package.
I also think one of the things that I find unique about this program is it can fit so many different age levels even the NB pages have been designed for the younger learner right up to the teen learner who is more proficient in reading and writing.  I just love it.

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