Monday, August 30, 2010

Uses for Pocket Pencil Holders~

I had gotten the idea for using Pocket Pencil Holders when we worked with our Wilson Reading System. There were several magnetic tiles and sound cards to keep track of so I needed something instead of ziplock bags and rubber bands to keep track of which ones we were using ~

For many of the boys subjects we have binders (ie., Science, Language Arts, World History, American History etc... ) so I found a neat way to use pencil pocket holders in their binders for index cards, phonogram cards, or research index cards or just about anything we have to have a pocket for.  These work GREAT for re-enforcing greek/latin roots, affixes and even a place to put math fact cards if you use those. ( for the math fact cards I use a red rubber band on one that still need to be learned, yellow for caution ( those still working on ) and green for ones mastered.

These pictured here are made of canvas. I used to use plastic and would write with permanent marker on the top as to what they were for, but now I like the canvas much better.

I really found these to be very helpful and hope this helps you as well~

Changes to Workbooks? - Maybe so-

I have to say, things always seem to be changing at our home. Most especially with my youngest who seems to be evolving at this point. His reading and processing skills have really begun taking off over the summer and since then I have seen him really enjoy things he never enjoyed before and one of those things is workbooks! 

Has anyone used or seen these?  Learn at Home

I ended up shopping over the weekend at our local Job Lots Store ( love that place )  and picked up a fourth grade Learn at Home workbook. It was only 1.99 so I figured why not..
I was bored so I started reading through it one evening just wondering how these actually work, ( never used these before and had been well, somewhat skeptical to say the least) I have to tell you~ I was impressed. It is quite comprehensive. From teaching my boys for a while I could see how these could be fun and work very well with a workbook kind of learner ( left brained ). 
From what I can tell, the books go up to grade six.
I tend to not have those types of learners at our home, but this year has been really a change for my youngest, he cannot seem to get enough of workbooks and pages and writing.. I see him able to cross over much more this year from less Right-Brained Learning tendencies and so that is what tempted me to pick this up. I am glad I did but am wondering if we have the "time" to squeeze these things in.. I think we can I may have to skip and jump in some areas but I think he will enjoy some of the activities etc.. they are quite creative ~ 

In looking through the book I could see how many of the pages could be used to add to a mini-office and also for lapbook folds as well like the kinds of writing they give as a sample on the link I game. Cutting these out and adding them to a writing pocket for a writing lapbook could work great. 

Here is a review and summary on these workbooks that I had found. 

If you have a chance to check these out at your local Sams or Books Store you may want to check these out for your workbooking loving learners~ 

I still think we will still spin our own "style" with these but he really seemed very interested in these so I suppose we shall try this one out..... will keep you posted on how things go~ 

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