Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Student Organization with Microsoft OneNote ~

We have been a bit busy at our house lately. I had recently gotten a new laptop because I wanted my 13 year old to be able to work off of his own laptop and be more independent with his studies.
He enjoys the computer very much and prefers typing and using the computer much more than traditional learning with workbooks, notebooks etc,.

I had been looking a while back for some sort of online tool that would help me remove some of the paper we were dealing with when it comes to planning, organizing and working with our studies.
As many homeschoolers know, you can have mountains of papers your dealing with and while binders are wonderful, there are only so many pages you can put in those binders and the room binders take up can really be alot!

So as I looked around to the various tools that are online, Homeschool Tracker, HomeShedtrack, and others I just couldn't find one that fit what I was looking for.
[a virtual place for my son to organize, work and plan online for all his studies]
Then a friend of mine, from an e-group posted back to me about a program she uses for her boys called OneNote.  I have not heard of it before but decided to take a look and really liked it.
My computer I was working on, however, was not compatible for using Microsoft OneNote, that is not until now~ both my sons and my new laptop both have and are compatible with OneNote and I was thrilled.
I have been working and learning more and more about this program all week long.  I just love it.  I first realized I needed to learn all the specifics on how to use the program so I immediately went online and tried to find video tutorials to learn how to use it.
The program comes with Microsoft Office 2003 ( this is the older version but, ( as was explained to me) is approximately 80% consistent with how the newer version works)
My new laptop has the updated Microsoft 2010 so I have the newer version which I really like as well and is just as easy from what I have used so far, it has a few more "bells and whistles" but the other version is just as helpful for my teen.
Here are some that I found and also others that were shared/recommended to me by my friend Cindy~
Learn OneNote in 90 Seconds - a quick video to see what it does
Making the Switch to OneNote 2010
Demo: OneNote 2007
A Review of Microsoft 2007

School Tube Videos:

One Note Tutorial #1
One Note Tutorial #2
One Note Tutorial #3

It took some time as I worked and learned about OneNote to see just how helpful this tool could be for us.
I plan on using it on my laptop to outline all our learning lessons, I can add websites, graphics, draw my own designs you name everything you can do with a traditional notebook (pen/paper) you can do with OneNote.

For my teen I set up his Notebook for all his lessons one notebook for all his subjects listed in the tabs. Under each tab I created separate pages for him to do his work ( taking notes, written narrations, adding graphics, cutting and pasting website resources, capturing images etc..)and further in underneath those pages you can click on the page and create subpages as well.
There is also separate tabs ( like you would have as dividers in a notebook) for projects or research papers which he can work on right from his laptop also.
There is even a tab as a To Do for him to jot down reminders for things.

One of my favorite things I like is how with the new OneNote 2010 is you can "dock" your OneNote to the side of your desktop so while working on a site you can still have available your notebook to write things down and work off of, perfect for researching and doing essays.

We choose to do portfolios for our year end evaluations and I plan on using the print function and printing off pages to fill his portfolios~ these can also all be archived and saved for safe keeping in case of computer troubles. ( I am still learning how I will do this)

I cannot possibly list all the things you can do with OneNote but it really would be worth checking your own computer under your Microsoft Office files to see if you have this available to you.
It is going to save us alot of time, energy and money, I am so thankful for my online friends who share these wonderful things with me, thank you Cindy ~!

Happy Organizing ~ !

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