Friday, May 28, 2010

Writing~ with Scientists and an idea*

I found a really neat idea~ one that is not very often taught or is forgotten - science writing.
I recently found this neat site "Writing with Scientists" that I explored this morning and I just had to share. It is really great and what a perfect time to explore science writing while so much is going on all around us outside!
This link gives a kind of step by step process to science writing for the older elementary child and will be a huge hit in our house~
Try walking through it and listening to Dr. Susan Perkins speak of her topic of interest.
While listening to her audio, I had an idea~ I may begin this year using audio along with written resources for teaching stylistic techniques and dress ups in writing. Our writing program IEW uses many of these things and systematically teaches these techniques. Many times they will balk at having to "go back" and add those little things like "ly" words or a who/which or strong adjective to dress up their writing and polish it up some more.. my thought is with using an audio like Dr. Perkins and having the boys hear how her writing "sounds" and then we can go back and find "her" dress-ups,( ie., the ly word or the who/which or strong adjective ) this will give them insight to understand the "bigger picture" ( something my right-brained VSL learners thrive on) as to the "how" and the "why" of what we are doing when adding these specific things to our writing.
I think they will love it and can't wait to try this on the boys. Often I have tried things similar to this in the past with other topics and once they "understand the reasoning" to what is needed there really isn't any trouble any longer and they look to challenge themselves each time as they move forward in their involvement with the concept. I look forward to how this will work with them~ till next time, onward and upward :)

Drawing Tutorials~

My son really enjoys drawing.  Drawing and painting seems to be a favorite past-time in our house over the summer months.   I had seen this site, Drawing Now  posted earlier this week and was interested because it had tutorials for drawing many different kinds of things.  There are video tutorials to teach the learner how to draw specific things.  I could see how my sons would really enjoy this.  I believe they will be using this over the summer and thought I would share this fun site with everyone here ~

Happy Drawing !

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