Monday, May 24, 2010

Summer Unit~ LEGOS and the Company

My son LOVES Legos. He could use them and play with them and create all day long, literally.

So because of that I wasn't actually surprised that one of the things he wanted to learn about over the summer was, you guessed it LEGOS and their history and about their company etc... it seemed pretty logical. This was all his idea I never would have thought this one up~ :)

Here are some resources we plan to use for our Legos unit:
History of Lego
Lego timeline from Pause Magazine
Invention of the Lego
Lego Learning
* new link: Little Brick Schoolhouse Trivia
I also thought it would be a good time to explore businesses and how they work. Lesson Pathways in year number 3 of their history has a unit on Business and How they Work. You need to join and register, but it is free if you would like to check it out.

Happy Lego building ~

Summer Unit Study~ Plants and the Study of Botany

We will be doing a summer study on Botany also this year.
In researching this I wasn't exactly sure I would really be able to find interesting things having to do with this topic since my boys do not exactly get too excited about, well plants and flowers :)

I was wrong~ I found some great things to learn about and activities to do and share.

I think I could have kept on going with finding things to do, thankfully my Unit Study Planner I created help keep me on track and not over plan "too much" although I do think I added quite a bit of resources and activities. I just found so many great things I guess I didn't want to miss anything.
You can see the resources and activities I have here.

Here are some even more additional resources;
Kids Turn Central- Botany
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence
Know Plants
Botanists in Training

I have a hunch that we will be going back to this a few times because there is just so much information we can do and explore here in all these resources.
I would also like to go back and study more on trees also so I am sure this will be worked on further besides this one study we will be doing~ I tried, however, to keep most of the information around plants and flowers for right now all except a mini-unit on strawberries as well since strawberry picking time will be coming up really quick~ here in NH we pick in June so it will be just perfect~
here is some resources for learning about the strawberry:
Berry Berry Good
Strawberries and more

NOTE: I just recently found this Botany Lapbook over on Homeschool Share also~
I could keep on going but I will stop here~ happy strawberry picking!

Summer Unit Study~ Birds and Birdwatching

I am gathering resources and activities for our summer units and thought as I do gather information and resources I might post and share them with everyone~this is just a brief overview of the unit, I just jot down quickly where I am headed~

Here is a template I created for our Science Unit Studies, a kind of planner that I use to gather my thoughts and help me organize just where I am going on a particular topic- this is just a brief overview of the unit, I just jot down quickly where I am headed. Once I complete this, I then go and research information to help me in what I think would be fun and interesting ~

Because I end up finding so many great things to work on I end up usually creating a document page of resources (you can find here) where I can add all the links and I keep this on my computer in a file so that it can be handy for me while we are working on something. I also print out a copy of this as well and staple it to the back of my Unit Study planner so I don't forget all the great sites and things I found to work on.

Happy Bird Watching!~

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