Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Workfile System - for MOM the teacher~

So all this organizing I have been doing and planning for, kind of got me thinking about my own organization, in how I plan and prepare and also how I keep things and when I do keep something, how I cannot seem to find that something... ever been there? :)

I am a very visual person, I bet that would not come to a big surprise to many people who know me, being an artist by trade I kind of give that away I suppose. If I can see things I often tend to do better and stay more focused and get more accomplished.

I decided to copy my older son's Workfile Folder System idea and put it to work for me also.

I cleaned out my file cabinet ( gosh, let me tell you I had things in there from three years ago) and purged all the things I knew I would not use and things I had moved past and was no longer in need of.
I decided to keep this right on my desk in our school room, open and ready to be used at any time, just like my older sons Workfile Folder System.

I labeled each hanging folder according to their subjects. And also added a few more; Pending, Group work (for AKOL work), Learning Disabilities, Assessments/Development, Portfolio Info, Unit Studies, Holidays, Homeschooling Resources/Contacts etc... Then I added all my paperwork that I had pending or ideas I have for each subject/topic as we move along.
I even had room in the back of the File Folder Bin to add the lapbooks I plan on using that I had printed out previously and also my notebook with all our notebooking pages in page protectors that I can pull out at any time. wholah... organized ready to be added to and ready to use and not be forgotten like they were in the dark file cabinet :) ( BIG GRIN)

Younger Learners Organization ~

Since we have been talking about our new Workfile Folder System, I thought I would mention how my other son who is younger is quite happy with how we work and organize his home studies.

My boys can be very different and this seems to be true in just about every areas of learning for them. I kind of like that though, and I admire them for knowing what is working and sticking with it and seeing how something just isn't working and willing to make an effort in changing things and trying something that might work better. Imagine if we did this with all our children and ourselves? :)

I have already shared the weekly schedule we use for our youngest that he has helped me create for him. And now the picture shows exactly what "his area" looks like to hold all his structured studies.

He likes to use binders much more and create a portfolio if you will, of all the different things he creates and learns. He has explained that he plans to sit with our evaluator this year and "show her all his "things". I am sure she will just love it~ :)

He loves his cubby and this is where we keep all our smaller books, notebooks, journals and his clipboard which he uses to hold his weekly schedule, reading log and multiplication table chart or anything else he needs to get to quickly.

We really don't plan on changing anything since it runs very smoothly for him ~ I thought I would just share and give an example of just how different our learners at home can be.

Modified Workfile Assignment System for our Teen Part 3

Besides actually writing up the assignments on the Workfile Assignment Sheet, I believe we are about finished. It looks rather simple, but in showing my middle schooler how this is going to work~ he was very receptive.

Basically, I have used hanging folders for each subject he has for school. I tried to color coat the folders as best I could so that it would be easier for him to pull out which subject he needs.

In each hanging folder there will be his Work File Assignment Sheet which I posted about previously. On this sheet it will have his assignments for the entire week. When he finishes his assignment for the day he can then go over and use his "Pocket System" and add the completed subject into the red checked mark pocket so he knows "visually" his subject is done for they day.

He also can choose to skip a subject and clip the card to a clothespin for work to do later in the week~ this enables him to have a bit more "wiggle room" and also teaches time management and more independent learning.

Besides the Work File Assignment Sheet he will also have any other items needed for the week to complete his assignments, notebook pages, lapbook folds, booklets, books, notes for website resources etc... I have put all his larger books to the back of his hanging folders, so this way he has everything he needs in one central location and he is not going all over looking for items.
He will still be getting his own materials for crafts, writing etc.. Where he is older I would much rather have him doing these things and afterwards cleaning up his own mess and such rather than adding all of these little things to his folders.

As I was setting up his subjects, I saw I needed a way to track his typing a bit more. He types each day and I wanted to be able "on paper" to have him track his progress so I created this typing assessment chart, which later on, he will then create a graph for so he can really "see" his progress and improvement.

I think we are about finished with this planning. If I do decide to add any further things I will be sure to share, but for now, this looks like it will fit him just fine and for him, simpler is much better than fancy :)

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