Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Already thinking of Summer~ making plans

We are already thinking of Summer ~ it is early but being the beginning of May and where portfolios are due for us the first week in June, it's about right.

We have had some really warm days and I just can't wait to be able to run around barefoot in the grass and enjoy a picnic outside on our front porch~ the bbq's and baseball games on the radio, oh I could go on....

I have been thinking of things we are going to be doing for summer. While we do stop our traditional studies we do begin our summer (which starts in June for us) with unschooling and delight directed learning, (well somewhat).

Right about this time of the year (I can say that now since we will be going into our fourth year of learning at home) - I end up keeping a close eye on the boys interests and sometimes we may sit and have a chat about what we wish to do for projects or unit or literature studies.

This year the boys have taken me by surprise~ they have been coming to me asking me and letting me know what they wish to work on~ here are some things they have come up with that we will be doing:
13 Year Old - Chemistry, lapbook and experiments, setting up a lab etc..
- Oceans, lapbook and some field trips out to the beach for further exploration
- Rockets & Fire Works- we plan on building some rockets and setting them off -
Dad plans on helping out with this unit, not sure who will have more fun him or
the boys. (wink)
- Coordinates - wants to learn all about them to help him in his video games
- Scratch - this is a programming tool that he has wanted to do for the longest time.
- Studying Pop Rocks - I think this falls into chemistry again.. I see a pattern
starting here :) He wants to know what makes pop rocks pop and how they work.
- Stock Market, how it works and wants to give his hand a try~ says he has some
"ideas" :)

11 Year Old - Birds Study - ( my nature boy who loves animals) wants to study all the birds
in our backyard, we already have begun setting up feeding stations etc..
- Life Cycles - (again my animal lover) wants to learn about lots of life cycles of
- Oceans Study, plan to also incorporate a Art/Sea Mammal Study too and possibly
dabble a bit in marine biology for my guy~ :)
- Rockets and Fire Works, he will want to do this with big brother and dad
- Research a business - wants to learn all about the company LEGO and also
VELCRO how they began etc.. patents...

We may be adding more to the list I was thinking of kind of going with BFIAR for the summer but these may keep us very busy indeed.

Most days for our summer, we end up reading in the afternoon, right after lunch so they can keep up with their reading skills and fluency, (this can be quite important to do while working with dyslexics) and I also was planning on having them maybe 15 minutes before or after dinner work an online game for their math facts just to keep things fresh in their memory.

Now to gather resources for our units which I will try and share as I get the information pulled together~ Summer is almost upon us and we are ready for every drop!

Posters for Learning Grammar!

I am in the middle of creating posters for our bulletin board and decided to share them as I create them. I had gotten the idea of having something up and visual from our IEW writing program. Andrew explains having these things up to look at often can be very helpful so I decided (as I so often do) to create a few other things that may help them along in their writing and grammar~ this was one I created today~ I have added these to my homeschool launch profile as well as the learners at home website too.

Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing~

We just started reading "Tales of the Fourth Grade Nothing" by Judy Blume ~ my youngest enjoyed reading 7x9 Trouble, by Claudia Mills I tried to find something that he might enjoy just as much~ we picked up Judy Blumes book and he was instantly hooked.
I found some sites with activities we could use while reading the books if we wanted:
4th Grade Language Arts~ from EANES
this has a few different books, some we also plan to read later but you can find information for this book by scrolling down the list of resources.
and some more ideas from Mrs. McGowan's Class and Mrs. Bogucki's 5th grade class
We will probably be studying turtles as well and learning more about poetry ~ He is really enjoying the book so far I am sure I will share some things we create while he is reading the books as well~

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