Saturday, April 17, 2010

Call for Mentors ~ Homeschooling E- group needs you ~

I wanted to extend an invitation to anyone interested in mentoring other homeschool parents who may be just starting out or struggling in their homeschooling journey. I had received a "call out" from my friend Rebecca Miller asking if I would spread the word for these parents in need~

Many homeschool parents are seasoned or at the very least can give great insight to teaching our learners at home. If you feel you would like to help please check out these groups and join so that you can share your experiences and insight with fellow homeschoolers who may really need your help and guidance.

Here is an excerpt from the List Owner:
"The group homeschooling-lower-grades has several families that did not start out (technically) homeschooling and have removed their children from public school and are trying to get started.
The group homeschooling-several-grades is struggling with trying to plan out a day with multiple aged children, even some that haven't (technically) started school and the mom's are trying to work around homeschooling and housework and keeping everyone busy.
The group homeschooling-toddlers-thru-kindergarteners is a panic because they aren't sure they are doing things right at all and feel it's the foundation for the rest of their homeschooling journey. " ~ Rebecca Miller

I am sure many of us can remember when we first started out and really felt like we could use some support and maybe a bit more guidance.

Here are the links to the groups~

If you decide to join and help and share, thank you in advance :) and be sure to say "hello" as I will probably be on there :)

AKOL's Saturday Spotlight Newsletter, 4-17-10

All Kinds Of Learners has a new newsletter that is provided to members. If your not a member here is a link you can read their newsletter!~

Saturday Spotlight Newsletter, 4-17-10

It is from the Yahoo E group for teachers and parents both. It provides some really great link resources that are shared by members weekly~ I thought some may enjoy reading it~

Happy Saturday!

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