Friday, March 12, 2010

Using Living Books to surround our learning ~ Literature Based Learning

So I am hearing this with my 13yo over and over again and finally I am trying to connect things... He always says, "I wish all I could do all day is read and read..." anyone ever hear this well I am .
He loves reading and when he has an interest in a book he can't seem to keep his nose out of it once he gets going :)

So having heard this over and over I have been mulling over book lists that go with our OM program and also started meandering around the Ambleside Online website to learn more and their yahoo groups.

I am not sure all of the titles would suit my son but many seemed quite good. He loves living books and learning this way~ I am finding more and more as he gets older this seems to take over his learning and am thinking of just deciding to go much more into this and allow him to follow this strength~

I spent yesterday evening kind of looking over the FAQ's of Ambleside Online and sort of trying to learn more about how we can maybe change things so that his reading can be his focus while learning his subjects.

We are happy with our Oak Meadow but find he needs much more enrichment with it since he is very history and science minded learner. I am thinking that allowing him to use this strength to further learn these subjects and allow him to make his own relations between the subjects and topics may be very beneficial to him.

As I read forward about Ambleside I realized how similar our day could look if we decided to go down this pathway. My son very often will pick up a National Geographic read the whole article and come in and want to discuss what he has learned.. ( oral narration) he loves creating pictures and sketches of things he has read or trying his hand at something that was done in the past ~ (handicrafts).

Because reading is a strength, I had switched him to using LLATL back last year and found that incorporating his grammar and writing lessons into what he is reading, brings much more meaning for him than the "busy work" that is often extended in many LA programs. I could very easily incorporate his LA into a more literature based learning environment.

I suppose I am learning to sit and see the "busy work" - has anyone noticed how much busy work that goes into some of these programs? Looking back at the purpose or meaning can be troubling especially when you see that there have not been any advantages to doing those particular questions or taking that particular "test". ( written narration helps to bring out the writer in our children and helps them to find their own voice, while tests seem quite subjective and only tell us or them what they do not know ).

I am not exactly positive, but I sense a kind of teaching transformation taking place ~ each time I have this happen, I am reminded to continue to go back to teaching more and more like Ruth Beechick and Charlotte Mason ~ pulling back and side stepping all those fancy programs that seem so fitting and some are but for many they fall to the side only to collect dust on our shelves.

This weekend will be great to take a bit of time and go through my shelves and make some books lists of reading we will do both together and separately.

Once we get things mapped out a bit more I will share my lists that I have prepared for what topics just in case some may find it helpful.

Spring is here and what a wonderful time for new things and exploring :) I think this is what makes our homeschooling journey such a gift ~ which is why we are learning at home. :)

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