Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thoughts on Reading, Starting a New Program and Reading Fluency

A New Program for the New Year~ 

We are going to be starting a new Reading Program for the New Year. We had been working steadily with Phonics for Reading and we just loved this program. I found the reading passages very engaging for a bit older child’s reading remediation and my son looked forward to the lessons each day.  

After finishing this program I am now reviewing our two programs I have before me and need to decide which would be best for my 11yo. I had purchased Reading Rewards Intermediate which comes highly recommended as a program of choice to use after using Phonics For Reading.  My other program I am still considering using is the Level C of AbeCedarian Reading Program.  

My first thoughts on both of these programs is that both could be very good fit for him and his reading remediation at this point. ( I subscribe toward a Phono Graphix reading methodology and these two program leans more toward this kind of modality)  I like both programs and have and will continue to recommend both of these programs to people who may be looking for PG based program or alternative.. 

I am going to be giving my son a re-assessment of his reading from the AbeCedarian Reading Placement just to see where he might fall. After looking this over I am guessing he will quickly fly through the assessment so I am not exactly positive he will place in the Level C or he could be more in the Level D, but he could surprise me as he does sometimes! ( which is why with him I like to assess regularly to help me find the best fit as his reading skills become stronger). 

I will also be giving him a pretest for the Rewards Program just be to see how his skills match up with this program as well.  I really think it is a good idea to do both and assess "before" the program because I have realized through teaching how skills can become stronger in some areas or could become weaker in others and knowing these strengths and weaknesses "before" can help make my decision much easier and more logical.

Reading Fluency ~ 
When we have children who struggle in the area of reading whether they are a diagnosed dyslexic  or not really doesn’t matter, if they struggle then they need help and remediation, to help them in their efforts for reading and fluency.  

Many times we want to get an idea of just how well our child’s reading fluency is progressing.  Here is a very helpful article from LD Online on reading fluency along with this standard rate of reading table so we can see where our children’s reading abilities are.

Here is a few more resource links that might help with learning and assessing reading fluency. 
A reading chart and other helpful exercises like "Echo Reading" for fluency and automaticity.
Free Reading is a free program that could be helpful in finding activities and things for helping with decoding and fluency.
**an update~( in case any were wondering)  we actually did both assessments today the one for AbeCedarian and also the pre-test for Rewards.  My 11yo did very well, which I expected. He sort of surprised me though when doing his pre-test for the Rewards Program- many were words he may not already have known when starting this program and out of the 20 words he had gotten all but two wrong. So he actually has progressed even more than I had anticipated.  So due to this we will be starting right in on the Rewards Intermediate Program for January**

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