Monday, December 13, 2010

A Resource for Creating Timelines and Working Through History

I am very excited about this new resource I just received in the mail from my Paperback Book Swap Club.
I am really new to using PBS and have lots of credits ( you receive a credit when you mail out and the book is received ) for books I have given away and have a few books listed that I was hoping to find.

One of these books were The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun.  I just love it! A wonderful resource for history that can be used for timeline work or even used as a guide for your history learning. ( my own book is the 3rd edition and looks more like the picture for Amazon link- just a different edition)

I actually think it will be really helpful for our science timeline- We had been planning on creating a historical timeline for Science as well as History.  My boys really love history in ALL areas so this seems rather fitting.
I love timelines because it gives them a place to put an event and helps them organize and process things much better in seeing the bigger picture as to how and why events of one particular event can have effects on other things in our history.

Here is a review from Donna Young's site for this reference book that might give further information.

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