Monday, December 6, 2010

Neurology Wrap Up!

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We had been working before the holidays on our Neurology Unit and it had been going really well.
We will be wrapping this unit up but before I do I wanted to use this site for our wrap up.

Neuroscience For Kids - 
I found it to be very comprehensive with all kinds of information for research on  the nervous system, recommendations for books, experiments~
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there is also games, worksheets, lessons and even a coloring book!
I also found it helpful that some of the information recommended (the books) were broken down by grade level so that makes it much easier to pick and choose resources.

Here are a couple more resources I have collected for learning about the brain just in case you might be looking for even more~
The Human Brain, from the Virtual Body
Deep Brain Surgery from Ed Heads
A Brain Tour and How Alzheimer's affects it.

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