Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MOTL Webinars Scheduled

We are still on our Holiday Break~ I hope everyone is having a happy, healthy holiday season so far.  We will not be starting back with our studies until the week of January 3rd, but I wanted to quickly share about some Math on the Level webinars I recently learned about.  The following is information about these specific webinars;

Checking it Out  -  Monday Jan. 3, 5:00 PM Pacific time

This is for:
  • those who don't have MOTL but would like to find out about it
  • those who have MOTL and would like to share their experiences and answer questions about using MOTL
This webinar will last about an hour

Getting Started with MOTL -  Wednesday Dec. 29,  8:00 AM Pacific Time
                                           -  Wednesday Dec. 29,  4:00 PM Pacific Time
                                           -  Tuesday Jan. 4, 4:15 PM Pacific Time

This is primarily for those who own MOTL and would like help getting going with using it.  (If you do not own MOTL and want to attend, you may, but be aware that we may sometimes refer to pages in the books, and you won't be able to follow as well without having the books.  I don't have the ability to "show" pages of the books on the screen.)  This is also a great place to come with any questions you have if you've been using the books and have encountered unexpected situations or want a little support as you depart from scripted math instruction.

This webinar lasts about an hour and a half.

Getting Started with Older Students - Thursday Jan. 6, 4:00 PM Pacific Time

This is focused on using MOTL with students who are about 10 or 11 or older.  We'll be looking at how to place a student, how to use real-life with older students, etc., as well as answering questions and giving support.  Please  attend a regular Getting Started workshop before you attend this one so that you have the basics of getting started.  That way, we can focus specifically on using MOTL with the older students.

This webinar lasts about an hour.

Special Needs Students and MOTL - Monday Jan. 3,  4:15 PM Pacific Time (tentative)

This webinar will look at ways to use MOTL with special needs students.  There will be some information given first, then we'll allow plenty of time to share specific challenges and look for ways to meet the needs of your specific situations.

This webinar will last 45 minutes.

If your interested in these webinars you can do one of two things to be included and join in; 

Join the MOTL yahoo group ( link provided) and then you will be able to get a link to the webinar to join in and participate.
You can go to the MOTL Website ( link provided) to email them with your interest to receive the link information to attend and participate in the webinars. 

This is a great opportunity for someone who has heard about MOTL or wanted to get more information about this unique Math program. I have had many people ask me about it and so I thought I might share it with my own readers.

Please note: I feel I should explain to my readers that I am not an affiliate and do not gain anything financially by sharing this information. 

Hope this is helpful to some! Happy Holidays!

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