Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Considering Handicrafts & Activities in your Homeschooling-

I had been working this week on my 11 year old's  US History learning.  I have been creating teaching outlines that are adapted from the History program we are going to be using after Christmas.  We decided on using a more traditional approach for our 11 year old.  We chose Alpha Omega Lifepacs for his History.

He has been asking for a change in his history learning because he really has started to enjoy more and more a workbook or notebook style of learning.  ( this is very different from when he first began but I have seen that his learning is forever evolving and at this point he is ready and very happy about changing to the AOP.

With the outlines I have created, (one outline for each lifepac) I have added further book resources (we still will continue using Living Books for learning our History) online resources and handicraft ideas, along with notebooking and lapbooking resources as well.

While looking up some activities I realized how we had stepped away a bit from doing handicrafts or activities like crafts in our learning at home and I would really like to try and move back toward doing more.  My youngest is not really BIG on crafty things and can be resistive to certain things, but is seems that once he gets going on something he happily becomes more involved and willing to try the activity out. (It just takes some coaxing)

Do any of you have a child who might be a bit resistive in doing crafty things? I think for my youngest son it is his need to produce something of quality. He tends to be the kind of child who is more of a perfectionist and has a hard time when things really don't turn out as he had it planned out in his mind. ( It is in this area that lapbooking can be a bit tricky for us- I think also he sees lapbooking sometimes as more busywork than actual learning so our lapbooking has been drastically reduced this year)  It can be frustrating for him so I am thinking of maybe adding splashes of handicrafts here and there in his learning when I find something that I think might prompt his interest.

He enjoys cooking and we usually cook all the time together, but I think it would be really fun to incorporate cooking much more into our learning from history.

The following is a few resources I have found that will help me add more activities and crafts to our learning:

A Book in Time- here is a section that lists activities and link resources for crafts and activities for a particular time period.
Not only does this site offer lists of games and maps but it also provides recommended reading lists for specific areas of history as well.  A really helpful resource for history.

Easy Fun School provides a chronological list of activities for learning about different eras of history. I especially like the Colonial list.

Teaching History With Technology is a great resource to use for the older, more advanced learner. It uses an inquiry based approach to learning specific topics in history.

Have Fun With History is a site that provides online activities that is based around American History.

 Pioneer Thinking might really be helpful to us in exploring all different kinds of handicrafts.

We are planning on learning how to do Cross Stitch and Candle Making as well.  Making paper might also be an option and the boys also wanted to try their hand at using a quill for writing and maybe soap making.  

One book I found that I am excited to begin using for our history learning on the Revolution is " The American Revolution for Kids; A History with 21 Activities".   

I had found this book at our local library and I was interested in it because of its comprehensive outline of the Revolution, but then I noticed the activities inside and I think we are going to have lots of fun making rootbeer and doing all kinds of the activities so I decided to purchase it because I think I will be using this often while working on this unit.

Happy History Learning and Handicrafts!

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Maureen said...

I have a blog award for you at ! My son is resistant to handicrafts also. Recently, however, I found out that if I put things to him as "would you rather read more or do crafts more?", he doesn't mind crafts so much.

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