Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Cat Week~ starts December 6th

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My readers might recall me talking about a real favorite show in our home~ "Big Cat Diaries", if not you can click on the link and see an older post I had written about our experience with the program that we just loved.
While searching for older information on the show Big Cat Diaries I found the official website for Simon King a wonderfully talented and inspirational photographer and film maker that looked very familiar to me as I had seen him often filming on the show of Big Cat Diaries.  His work is exquisite. 
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It is no surprise then, that I might wish to share about a new series starting December 6th called Big Cat Week- our youngest heard about this and is certain to have us watch it.

It is a seven day television event series.  We can't wait to see it because we miss and loved Big Cat diaries so very much.   Hope you have a chance to check it out!


Sparklee said...

Cool! Thanks for the heads-up! My daughter is crazy about all big cats! Plus, we're staring a unit study on Africa next week and we just finished reading Akimbo and the Lions.

Inside Mama's Kitchen said...

Your welcome Sparklee~ I am on the hunt right now ( no pun intended here) for a lapbook on Cats.. I thought that might be fun.. we planned on doing a lapbook last year on them but we forgot all about it. :)


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