Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Dreaded Task- Planning and My Own "Ramblings"

Do you have that dreaded thing in your homeschooling you hate to do, but if your like me, you  do it anyway because it helps your learner?

Well, for me, it is planning, (can I just say?) yuck, I just hate it.. and my youngest needs very little planning so we just use his daily checklist and do one lesson a day where ever we are in the book or the unit and keep on going from there. It isn't like this for my teen, he is a very different learner from his younger brother and needs much more structure and I found he does much better having more perimeters in place or external structures, whichever you care to call it.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MOTL Webinars Scheduled

We are still on our Holiday Break~ I hope everyone is having a happy, healthy holiday season so far.  We will not be starting back with our studies until the week of January 3rd, but I wanted to quickly share about some Math on the Level webinars I recently learned about.  The following is information about these specific webinars;

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Organizing Your Special Needs Student

This is an area that seems to be really difficult for many children and even for parents.  Organizing our learners can be as challenging as finding the right programs and using the appropriate teaching methods for them.

I think the first thing we need to think of is how our children collect and process information.   Both my son’s learn differently, yet I have found similarities in what helps them to stay organized.  We have to think first and foremost of what organizational “style” your learner will benefit from.  Some parents find folders more helpful while their child might be better off using binders to keep all their information. It will really depend on your child’s style and needs, not our own. 
( Remember the system needs to work for them more, while still helping us to guide and teach )

Monday, December 13, 2010

A Resource for Creating Timelines and Working Through History

I am very excited about this new resource I just received in the mail from my Paperback Book Swap Club.
I am really new to using PBS and have lots of credits ( you receive a credit when you mail out and the book is received ) for books I have given away and have a few books listed that I was hoping to find.

One of these books were The Timetables of History by Bernard Grun.  I just love it! A wonderful resource for history that can be used for timeline work or even used as a guide for your history learning. ( my own book is the 3rd edition and looks more like the picture for Amazon link- just a different edition)

I actually think it will be really helpful for our science timeline- We had been planning on creating a historical timeline for Science as well as History.  My boys really love history in ALL areas so this seems rather fitting.
I love timelines because it gives them a place to put an event and helps them organize and process things much better in seeing the bigger picture as to how and why events of one particular event can have effects on other things in our history.

Here is a review from Donna Young's site for this reference book that might give further information.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Thoughts on Reading, Starting a New Program and Reading Fluency

A New Program for the New Year~ 

We are going to be starting a new Reading Program for the New Year. We had been working steadily with Phonics for Reading and we just loved this program. I found the reading passages very engaging for a bit older child’s reading remediation and my son looked forward to the lessons each day.  

After finishing this program I am now reviewing our two programs I have before me and need to decide which would be best for my 11yo. I had purchased Reading Rewards Intermediate which comes highly recommended as a program of choice to use after using Phonics For Reading.  My other program I am still considering using is the Level C of AbeCedarian Reading Program.  

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Considering Handicrafts & Activities in your Homeschooling-

I had been working this week on my 11 year old's  US History learning.  I have been creating teaching outlines that are adapted from the History program we are going to be using after Christmas.  We decided on using a more traditional approach for our 11 year old.  We chose Alpha Omega Lifepacs for his History.

He has been asking for a change in his history learning because he really has started to enjoy more and more a workbook or notebook style of learning.  ( this is very different from when he first began but I have seen that his learning is forever evolving and at this point he is ready and very happy about changing to the AOP.

With the outlines I have created, (one outline for each lifepac) I have added further book resources (we still will continue using Living Books for learning our History) online resources and handicraft ideas, along with notebooking and lapbooking resources as well.

While looking up some activities I realized how we had stepped away a bit from doing handicrafts or activities like crafts in our learning at home and I would really like to try and move back toward doing more.  My youngest is not really BIG on crafty things and can be resistive to certain things, but is seems that once he gets going on something he happily becomes more involved and willing to try the activity out. (It just takes some coaxing)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Neurology Wrap Up!

photo credit
We had been working before the holidays on our Neurology Unit and it had been going really well.
We will be wrapping this unit up but before I do I wanted to use this site for our wrap up.

Neuroscience For Kids - 
I found it to be very comprehensive with all kinds of information for research on  the nervous system, recommendations for books, experiments~
photo credit
there is also games, worksheets, lessons and even a coloring book!
I also found it helpful that some of the information recommended (the books) were broken down by grade level so that makes it much easier to pick and choose resources.

Here are a couple more resources I have collected for learning about the brain just in case you might be looking for even more~
The Human Brain, from the Virtual Body
Deep Brain Surgery from Ed Heads
A Brain Tour and How Alzheimer's affects it.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Physics !

My teen started a new book this morning." The Physics of Super Heroes, second edition by James Kakalios."  I thought this would be a great introduction to a subject he is going to be working on in greater depth.

Author James Kaklios is a professor in the school of Astronomy and Physics at the University of Minnesota.  He has also written another book entitled " The Amazing Story of Quantum Mechanics" that you can read more about from the link provided.
While reading the first chapter he had a few questions and had done some oral narrating with me - we looked up F=MA because he had not learned yet about Newton's three laws of motion.  We found this neat site:  Motorsport Mathematics

Some other sites you might be interested in that I will be exploring further regarding physics:
Physics World
Newton's Three Laws of Motion

As we move further into the book, I will be sharing more resources and ideas for what we will be doing~

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Big Cat Week~ starts December 6th

photo credit link

My readers might recall me talking about a real favorite show in our home~ "Big Cat Diaries", if not you can click on the link and see an older post I had written about our experience with the program that we just loved.
While searching for older information on the show Big Cat Diaries I found the official website for Simon King a wonderfully talented and inspirational photographer and film maker that looked very familiar to me as I had seen him often filming on the show of Big Cat Diaries.  His work is exquisite. 
photo credit

It is no surprise then, that I might wish to share about a new series starting December 6th called Big Cat Week- our youngest heard about this and is certain to have us watch it.

It is a seven day television event series.  We can't wait to see it because we miss and loved Big Cat diaries so very much.   Hope you have a chance to check it out!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Online Interactive Advent Calendars-

I have never seen anything like this before. Online Interactive Advent Calendars.  I learned about these on the iLearn Technology Edu blog.  They have listed 14 Online interactive Advent  Calendars. This one in particular (shown above) was created to share the authors 2.0 web tools. I thought this was just so neat I just had to share~
Something more to check out when you have time. (wink)

Christmas Read Alouds- A New Link Resource for Books

I had heard about a reading resource website from an email list I had just recently joined Playschool6-A Home Educating Montessori List.  If your using or have ever been interested in Montessori methods for teaching your child this may be a great resource for you to check out.

ATN Book Lists is not a really fancy site more like a wiki-page actually but has alot of lists for reading suggestions
I saw right away there was a great list of Christmas Read Alouds and wanted to share. If you were thinking of doing a read aloud for the holidays or looking for some books suggestions this could be a site to check out.

Happy Reading!

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