Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Updates to Learners At Home

Learners at Home may start looking just a bit different.  ~ I am consolidating my information here so if you are looking for something that was in Free Resources OR My Favorite Teaching Resources, they are still here you can find these up above in the Tabbed Pages of the blog. 

A few more changes;
I have deleted my Blog Frog Community - we can still chat and share over on our Facebook page. The community was not very active so I decided to delete it.  Be sure and check out the Facebook page for more sharing and you can, as always leave comments if you would like ~ :)

I will be adding quick notes like this one as I move things around for explanations.  I wanted to try to make things easier to find and navigate for my readers.

I am hopeful you will find the new organizing more helpful and easier to manage all the information I have here at Learners At Home.
Thanks for Reading~ !

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