Friday, November 19, 2010

A Thanksgiving Unit from History Classroom

As the boys grow older we do less activities and units for Thanksgiving.  Gone are the days of the Turkey pinecone center pieces, Thanksgiving placemats and turkey hand prints.
This year we are planning on watching this special on the History Channel and possibly working with the teachers guide and using their questions for discussions as written and oral narrations.
Another area we may actually explore and discuss is the  relationships between the Pilgrims and the Natives.

We also might explore and learn more about Samoset and read more about Indians and Indian culture.  Here is a book I would like to start on Monday entitled
"Indian Heroes and Great Chieftains".
and another entitled " Four American Indians" both from Heritage History.
* C-Span Classroom also has some interesting activities and videos.*

Sometimes our youngest gets very inspired when we do our read-alouds so I try to have a few things we can do a bit further like maybe an activity or a craft also.  A Book in Time helps me with that so I can look up a few things we might want to do also. (scroll down to American History 1600's)
Here also are some webquests to check out:
Native American Webquest
Who Are the American Indians? - grade 6-8

I hope everyone has a happy safe Thanksgiving holiday~


Dawn said...

This sounds very interesting! We went on a virtual field trip to Plimoth Plantation this week (via Scholastic) and there are some activities on their website to go along with it.

Of course, we'll still work on some of those crafts too for Thanksgiving.

Learners at Home said...

Oh yes, I heard about that Dawn, I may look that up if we have time. I heard it was excellent. ~ and yes I am sure you will still be working on those crafts I would too if mine were younger like yours! I miss those days :( ~


Sparklee said...

Thanks for the book recommendations! I'll definitely check them out!

Learners at Home said...

your very welcome Sparklee~ we started the book Four American Indians by Francis Perry and my son liked how it was from the indian perspective of the white man. Very good for young readers.


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