Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Success with Google Calendar - Scheduling that is Paper Free

Thanks to lots of research and perseverance I have found success with Google Calendar for daily/weekly lesson organization for my teen!
I appreciate the support from my good friend Jen B in helping me work through what I needed to in finding what might work best.
It took a bit of time but I am sure this will work very well for us. We tried it out this morning ( we are only working the 3's this month as we are doing more delight directed learning for right now with the holidays coming up and things being just so crazy around our home at this time of year with my own work.
I found this to work very nicely. Here is how we are going to be using Google Calendar;

I plan on filling out the calendar for the month with all his studies and lessons (specific to where and what he is working on) one big reason why I am doing this is if I have appointments with clients or am not around he has everything in front of him to begin his own work for the day.

I have added his calendar to my own and can work right off of his calendar in my own google calendar ( making sure I am adding to his calendar and not mine, lol )
Anything I add to his calendar shows up directly on his own, the only difference is in the Tasks Box his doesn't say "Tracey".

Once he goes into this google calendar and sees all his class assignments he then goes to day or agenda and sees a list just for that days work. He then will go and click on the left hand side "tasks" and his task box will open on the right like mine and he can then read and list all his assignments for the day (this may seem redundant but is a great way for him to know what he is actually doing for the day and ask any questions he might have about it)

As he works the assignments on the list can then when he is done go over and click on the check before the task and it makes the task crossed out so he knows it has been done, the other thing he can do also is to go in and edit the item and mark "done" also.

We tried it all this morning and he did great and said this will be perfect for what was needed. SUCCESS!

As we work with this further I will be sure to post anymore ideas/tips I have for using this as well.


Maree said...

I love Google Calendar; it has worked very well for our family. So many useful points about it. Glad you had success today! I

Learners at Home said...

Thanks a bunch Maree~ I really do like it. I wasn't exactly sure my son would find it easy but he got it right away. I was so glad since this is more for him to use as a tool ~ :)


Cindy K. said...

2 Questions:

1. Do you have to enter a time for his tasks in order for them to show up on the proper day? Or do you enter it as "All day"?

2. Do you have to enter things twice - once on the calendar and one on the Task List? Or does the Task List show everything that is on the calender, in a list check-off format?

Learners at Home said...

1. I do not have to enter a time for the tasks I go to the monthly calendar click on the day and add the item. When I add the item I am sure to look at calendar drop down box to be sure it shows it is Christians Calendar and not mine and just enter it.
2. The task lists do not reflect what is on the calendar (at least I have not learned that they do) he goes and types in his daily lessons on this task list so yes, things are entered twice for us, once by me and then he does his task list as he reads off his lessons, I thought at first this seemed redundant which it is, BUT this works for my son because it allows us to go over his assignments and he didn't complain at all :) hope this answers your questions.


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