Saturday, November 13, 2010

Student Organization with Assignments:Help with Time Management

I have been using Microsoft OneNote for a while now and really have seen this tool help us in my own lesson planning and also help my teen in every subject area for his studies.  After having taken some time to see how this would work for our home learning, I decided that now that we are more comfortable I would go ahead and see about expanding things even a bit more for my teen.
I have been researching and thinking more about organizing my boys ( most especially my teen for right now) with his studies. He seems to be very interested in taking on more control of his learning and the time he spends at tasks and I think he is ready now to begin using a more structured plan for his studies, perhaps with a syllabus or maybe where he has weekly assignments that can be scheduled and completed by the end of the week.
I don't exactly have all the answers yet in what I am planning on using and doing. I suppose you could say I am in the brainstorming phase at this point.
I think that where I have now made the decision to begin working again I have been thinking more and more about organization and how certain tools may help us with our days and make things easier for all of us in tracking, organization and collaboration etc..

 I was researching a few sites and happened upon this site Assign-A-Day and could see that it would be really helpful if I could actually create an interactive calendar for my son's weekly assignments.  The site explains it is only for school so I have emailed them to see if this could be used for home educators as well and am waiting to hear back.

I read more about it and looked at the samples and sort of thought this sounded much like my Google Calendar which I really want to learn more about. I am planning on reading through Google For Educators to learn more. I have heard that you can actually share your calendar and use it for many things for school/studies so I plan to try and learn more about this since I am already using already for personal use.

As I continue to look at possible ideas for this kind of organization I found this blog post entitled " School: Assignment Tracking" and in this blog post the writer mentions "Remember the Milk" which I am only vaguely familiar with so I plan on checking this out also.
I also have a list of others I plan on exploring also just to see what they might have to offer us and see how they might help. Here is a listing of them;
* Update: I actually have been looking further at RTM and found this also that might help a bit more, from Free Technology for Teachers: 7 Organizational Tools for Students.

School Binder- Free online Student Organizer
Homeschool Tracker
Homeschool Shedtrack
21 sites offering free Homeschooling and Organizing Printables - I am not exactly looking for printables, I feel like I have enough "paper" to deal with, but listed this just in case I see something that I can use in creating an online template :) 

That is probably enough for me to go through at this point and will probably take a bit of time. I will be sure to share what I choose and why once I have things sorted out.

Happy Planning!

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